Game Server Directory
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If you have questions about our web site or service, take a look at this list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, you may contact us.

What is the purpose of
This web site is intended to provide information to our visitors about public and private game servers that are hosted around the world. We track thousands of servers to provide you with information you need to find, connect to, and play on multi-player servers for the video games you like to play. Information we provide includes the server name, IP and port number, number of players (current and average), ping rate (current and average), and a server rank.

We will be adding new community features soon. We hope to have customizable clan, player, and server pages available soon. To use these community features, visitors will be able to register for an account.

What types of games are played on the servers?
Right now, the types of games are all Valve games. We will be adding other types of games soon (including Minecraft). To play on any of the servers, you must first purchase the video game from Valve. These games are not web-based games, so you must have the game software already installed on your computer or gaming console before you can connect to a server and play.

How are game servers found?
The primary source of the game servers comes from Valve. The Valve "master list" is loaded daily. New servers are then monitored and reported on the site. Our visitor's can also add a new server (IP and Port) to our directory.

Game servers that do not respond for a couple of days are removed from our directory. Our total number of monitored servers changes often, either because of additions or deletions.

How do I add a game server to the directory?
You can add a server on our "Add Server" page. You must know the IP address and the port number for the game server you wish to add.

How is a game server monitored?
The games that the servers run contain a service that provides a status update to anyone who asks for it. Many times a day, we ask each of the servers for a status update. We also ask for a status update every time a visitor goes to the "Server Information" page of a server found in our directory. Unlike other game server tracking sites, we provide real-time data to your visitors. This is why you will often see "0s ago" in the "Last Updated" field of the server page. Although we do provide real-time data, we also try to not overload game servers with unnecessary status checks. To do this, we only ask for a current status if the last update is older than 60 seconds.

How is the game server rank determined?
Every server has a rank value that is based on average player count and average uptime percentage. Based on this rank value, a rank number is assigned.

How is the ping value determined?
The ping is based on the network performance between our web server and the game server. It is not a ping value between your computer and the game server. For that ping value, you need to check the latency in Steam or by testing the ping performance yourself. Our web server's are all based in the United States. Your own ping rate will vary from ours, especially if you are located far away from our web server. The ping we show is just a general indicator of the performance of each game server.


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