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TOOLS FOR REGISTERED USERS has tools that are only available to registered users. If you are not already a member, you should register now!

Add a Server

Do you own a server that is not in our directory? Maybe you play on a server and you couldn't find it here? As a registered user, you can add servers to our directory. All you need is the IP address and Port Number of the server. Our automated system will start scanning the new server to see what type of game server it is, what map it uses, etc. If it is a valid server, we will add it to your directory.

Server Alerts

Server alerts let you know when a specific game server changes from offline to online, or from online to offline. This is a unique service that we offer to our registered users. A valid email address is required.

Player Search

Are you looking for your friends? Our player search will find a player name on any server in our directory. We keep a player history for the past 24 hours. If the person you are looking for has been on a server, we can probably find him. The player search is only available to registered users.

Steam ID Lookup

Our Steam ID lookup tool lets you find the Steam ID of any player. This is a great tool for server admins. It lets them find the Steam ID for a user that needs to be banned or kicked.

IP Address Lookup

Our IP address lookup tool allow you to find detailed information on any IP address in the world. The information we show for each IP address includes provider, hostname, country, timezone, city, state, postal code, latitude, longitude, and area code.

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