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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionFREEFLIGHT: THE MALDAIR.COM GROU...Netherlands62.112.9.104:27016Princess Juliana I...168.0 ms35 / 100
2.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionYorktown Airways VA 24/7 picUnited States52.52.7.184:27016Gatwick49.4 ms13 / 99
3.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionMEXICO ALXTREMO SERVER Mexico Al...United States98.145.227.206:27016Gen Rodolfo Sanche...57.3 ms1 / 25
4.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionFSX Flying Club FSX Flying ClubUnited States73.223.122.201:27016John Wayne-Orange ...47.8 ms0 / 25
5.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam msFLIGH...United States72.193.30.164:27016Jacumba71.2 ms2 / 92
6.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionTACPACK CARRIER OPS =]H[= FlexUnited States24.7.20.177:27016Commodore Center7.6 ms0 / 15
7.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam urcompute...United States172.90.146.24:27016McCarran Intl34.8 ms2 / 80 Password Protected
8.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionOh, my Oshkosh! Phydeaux76United States70.189.248.170:27016Outagamie Co Regl1.3 ms0 / 10 Password Protected
9.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionFSX Blue Angels fsxblueangelsUnited States98.155.115.128:27016Metro Oakland IntlN/A0 / 30 Password Protected
10.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionAgentvalvo AgentvalvoUnited States73.232.139.54:27016George Bush Interc...N/A0 / 8 Password Protected
11.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Editionnakagoma nakagomaUnited States74.195.235.228:27016Dallas-Ft Worth In...N/A0 / 2
12.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionGravity.Pilot Gravity.PilotUnited States69.170.218.50:27016City Of Colorado S...N/A0 / 8 Password Protected

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