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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionFREEFLIGHT 1: THE MALDAIR.COM GR...Netherlands62.112.9.104:27016Princess Juliana I...199.3 ms10 / 100
2.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionAir/Air Combat Exercise Carrier ...United States72.192.174.117:27016Edwards AFB53.3 ms0 / 15
3.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam msFLIGH...United States72.193.29.97:27016Vancouver Intl91.2 ms1 / 92
4.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam urcompute...United States172.90.146.24:27016McCarran Intl49.6 ms1 / 80 Password Protected
5.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionMEXICO ALXTREMO SERVER Mexico Al...United States98.145.230.114:27016Gen Rodolfo Sanche...12.4 ms0 / 25
6.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionTUCSON AZ PRO ATC garlandk89United States68.230.92.217:27016Tucson IntlN/A0 / 15
7.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionPhoenix or Bust! cfcaribbeanUnited States70.189.209.93:27016Boulder City MunN/A0 / 8
8.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionAll you need is... Phydeaux76United States70.189.248.170:27016Kona Intl At Keaho...N/A0 / 10
9.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Editionjay4404 jay4404United States24.111.193.52:27016Salina MunN/A0 / 3 Password Protected
10.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionEnragedWampa EnragedWampaUnited States24.8.91.55:27016Miami IntlN/A0 / 8 Password Protected
11.Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionWags rolls down the hill IvanUnited States76.30.215.31:27016Trinity CoN/A0 / 4 Password Protected

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