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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Life is Feudal: Your Own[DE] Sichelmond | RP/PvE [Handel...Germany37.114.96.146:28002-188.3 ms7 / 64
2.Life is Feudal: Your Own[FR] [RP-PVP] [LesVoisins] Sephi...France188.165.224.46:28002-172.2 ms1 / 64
3.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US] FeudalRealms Wishbone 4/16 ...United States47.187.1.229:2612-61.3 ms20 / 64
4.Life is Feudal: Your Own[DE RP][Riverside]Folkslandar|ww...Germany37.114.96.83:28002-191.3 ms3 / 64
5.Life is Feudal: Your OwnFamily FeudalUnited States24.11.116.243:28002-64.9 ms2 / 10 Password Protected
6.Life is Feudal: Your OwnPumpkinland Reborn [Riverside][R...United States64.94.95.170:28032-48.8 ms10 / 64
7.Life is Feudal: Your Own(US) Bonechewer PVE 3000 New Pla...United States45.63.82.167:28038-48.9 ms3 / 32
8.Life is Feudal: Your OwnOLD LONDON PVE ACTIVE GM HELP WI...United States173.199.87.107:28002-48.8 ms1 / 18
9.Life is Feudal: Your OwnValhalla InternationalUnited States73.20.118.114:28002-60.9 ms2 / 20 Password Protected
10.Life is Feudal: Your OwnImstarUnited States85.190.157.78:25202-49.0 ms1 / 16
11.Life is Feudal: Your OwnAzerraRP/PVPVE Riverside5/25/17 ...United States64.94.95.138:26783-35.2 ms0 / 32 Password Protected
12.Life is Feudal: Your OwnDeadSpaceUnited States76.127.121.115:28002-49.3 ms2 / 64
13.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US] United Realms - PVE (Wiped ...United States64.94.95.114:20417-49.3 ms0 / 64
14.Life is Feudal: Your Own[PVE]State of the Art-wipe 10-16United States64.94.95.162:19189-48.8 ms0 / 32
15.Life is Feudal: Your OwnWidowmakers Dedicated ServerUnited States162.254.66.65:28002-50.1 ms3 / 64
16.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US]Kattegat|Map:Riverside|PVE/Z...United States71.9.97.122:28002-89.5 ms0 / 64
17.Life is Feudal: Your OwnDraco and Friends LiF Server!United States75.62.180.78:28002-97.3 ms1 / 64
18.Life is Feudal: Your OwnTerrandaUnited States173.199.86.104:28028-48.9 ms0 / 8
19.Life is Feudal: Your OwnThe Feudal LifeUnited States173.199.87.235:28002-48.8 ms1 / 8 Password Protected
20.Life is Feudal: Your OwnTheDeadRealmsUnited States85.190.157.53:31002-47.5 ms1 / 50
21.Life is Feudal: Your OwnGSCH SA RebornUnited States173.199.98.44:28002-86.5 ms0 / 10 Password Protected
22.Life is Feudal: Your LiFYO ServerUnited States108.61.235.162:28002-47.6 ms0 / 12
23.Life is Feudal: Your OwnFeudal life is, hmmmm?United States68.69.167.214:30002-47.7 ms0 / 12 Password Protected
24.Life is Feudal: Your OwnTheForgottenLands/RiverSide-Map/...United States173.199.101.186:28002-79.7 ms0 / 40
25.Life is Feudal: Your OwnHusker NationUnited States173.199.98.34:28002-79.9 ms0 / 8


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