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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Life is Feudal: Your Own[DE] Sichelmond RP-PVE ms7 / 64
2.Life is Feudal: Your OwnTerrandaUnited States173.199.86.104:28028-50.0 ms0 / 8
3.Life is Feudal: Your Own_[QC]FR Death Island -Starter ki...United States172.96.164.186:28092-99.1 ms1 / 16
4.Life is Feudal: Your OwnNew Brit Riverside RP/PVE, NO KO...United States172.96.164.186:12757-97.9 ms5 / 64
5.Life is Feudal: Your Own(US)TwitchLifeRP GrimRock Active...United States64.94.95.106:17636-48.8 ms3 / 64
6.Life is Feudal: Your OwnLand of LyrienUnited States104.192.227.218:28042-83.2 ms0 / 16 Password Protected
8.Life is Feudal: Your OwnNym's Island PVEUnited States192.154.228.33:39562-67.6 ms0 / 16
9.Life is Feudal: Your Own[CA] Batnert LiF - Utropia - PvECanada216.36.181.80:28002-84.2 ms0 / 20 Password Protected
10.Life is Feudal: Your Own(US) Nordia Isle, RP/PvE/PvP/NoK...United States64.94.95.82:28052-49.5 ms0 / 64
12.Life is Feudal: Your Own[NA/AU] Forgotten Realms PVP-No ...United States172.96.164.186:28102-99.0 ms0 / 64
13.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US]Old Guys Gaming|RP/PVP/PVE|G...United States208.94.244.242:28002-48.7 ms0 / 64
14.Life is Feudal: Your OwnOrcshireUnited States216.246.108.226:23037-98.2 ms1 / 64
15.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US] FeudalRealms 10/3 [RPKOS,Ne...United States45.34.11.90:2612-69.3 ms0 / 64
17.Life is Feudal: Your Own(US) Small Tribes PVP-No KOS-Lim...United States192.154.228.33:39662-62.6 ms0 / 20
18.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US] United Realms - PVEUnited States64.94.95.114:20417-48.9 ms0 / 64
19.Life is Feudal: Your OwnMahdgaard MMO PrepUnited States172.96.164.218:12329-97.8 ms0 / 64 Password Protected
20.Life is Feudal: Your OwnConsensio LIF ServerUnited States192.154.228.33:40662-64.6 ms0 / 64 Password Protected
22.Life is Feudal: Your OwnOver The Line PlaysUnited States104.192.227.146:28032-77.8 ms0 / 16 Password Protected
23.Life is Feudal: Your OwnGrimm Peaks | Roleplay | OpenUnited States172.96.166.18:16645-97.8 ms0 / 16
24.Life is Feudal: Your OwnGSCH SA RebornUnited States173.199.98.44:28002-91.7 ms0 / 10 Password Protected
25.Life is Feudal: Your OwnWholeMeadowUnited States173.199.98.43:28038-92.9 ms0 / 8 Password Protected
26.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US]PVE 5/16United States64.94.95.138:28232-49.9 ms0 / 16
27.Life is Feudal: Your Own[Davis] Life Is Feudal ServerUnited States108.61.109.218:28002-90.0 ms0 / 8 Password Protected
28.Life is Feudal: Your Own--[US]Greener life- towns, less ...United States173.199.66.105:28002-91.7 ms0 / 10
29.Life is Feudal: Your OwnKingdom of Arcadia | [Communitie...United States68.71.248.14:28002-61.8 ms0 / 64 Password Protected


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