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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US] FeudalRealms |RP/PVP|11/17|...United States47.187.20.176:2602-51.5 ms25 / 64
2.Life is Feudal: Your Own![US]Sanctuary Legacy RP/PVP Mar...United States74.91.126.155:28402-49.8 ms14 / 64
3.Life is Feudal: Your OwnUS Midwest [PVE casual play with...United States64.31.1.194:40062-101.1 ms1 / 16
4.Life is Feudal: Your OwnHusker NationUnited States173.199.98.34:28002-98.3 ms1 / 12
5.Life is Feudal: Your OwnNot Your Mom's VillageUnited States104.192.227.146:19773-66.6 ms0 / 16
6.Life is Feudal: Your OwnUS Highlands|PvP|JH|Ez Alignment...United States170.130.28.178:28002-62.0 ms5 / 64
7.Life is Feudal: Your Own[FR] [RP-PVP] [LesVoisins] Sephi...France188.165.224.46:28002-206.4 ms1 / 64
8.Life is Feudal: Your OwnThe Realm of Warwick 29Oct_RP/Li...United States99.72.214.142:29002-74.6 ms4 / 64
9.Life is Feudal: Your Own*DragonsLair* Real Medieval LifeUnited States68.0.78.73:28002-115.2 ms0 / 64
10.Life is Feudal: Your : lif ServerUnited States76.164.234.146:28052-52.7 ms0 / 32
11.Life is Feudal: Your OwnVancouver Coal HarborCanada216.19.189.49:28002-48.6 ms0 / 64
12.Life is Feudal: Your Own[EU]DSH-LiF/Baumskript/aktive Ad...Germany178.254.20.25:28002-197.4 ms0 / 64
13.Life is Feudal: Your OwnPVE - [G4E] Survivors-R-Us - Act...United States69.162.107.166:28002-93.9 ms0 / 32
14.Life is Feudal: Your Own[US] Age of Chaos-RPPVP-Weekly J...United States173.199.102.223:28002-89.6 ms0 / 40
15.Life is Feudal: Your OwnThe GuardiansUnited States50.252.2.121:28002-52.7 ms0 / 64 Password Protected
16.Life is Feudal: Your Own((World and Lore in Progress))United States64.31.1.194:40462-90.9 ms0 / 15 Password Protected
17.Life is Feudal: Your OwnSnowberg ServerUnited States108.61.235.154:28002-52.7 ms0 / 8 Password Protected
18.Life is Feudal: Your OwnPoochie's ServerUnited States68.232.161.41:28002-91.7 ms0 / 8
19.Life is Feudal: Your OwnThe Goblin City US PVERPUnited States108.61.109.221:28002-102.0 ms0 / 8 Password Protected
20.Life is Feudal: Your OwnSacrosanctimoniousUnited States108.61.121.95:28002-55.9 ms0 / 8 Password Protected
21.Life is Feudal: Your OwnExiled! PvE, RP-PvP Events. No O...United States172.245.225.146:23067-49.5 ms0 / 32
22.Life is Feudal: Your OwnRonin LFUnited States108.61.235.6:28002-48.7 ms0 / 8
23.Life is Feudal: Your OwnParkingmeter's LiF serverUnited States104.198.13.253:28002-210.8 ms0 / 10 Password Protected
24.Life is Feudal: Your LiFYO ServerUnited States68.232.175.27:28002-103.6 ms0 / 8 Password Protected
25.Life is Feudal: Your OwnIsla de la PerdicionUnited States74.63.240.18:39562-97.0 ms0 / 12 Password Protected


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