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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.ARK: Survival EvolvedMedics Community The Island Serv...United States47.184.34.49:27016TheIsland59.4 ms37 / 37
2.ARK: Survival Evolved!ShortCreek.PvP[ORP][S+][Annunak...United States162.252.155.62:27015TheIsland48.5 ms0 / 14
3.ARK: Survival Evolvedsirgardensalot LMS+Tames Mods Kr...United States76.164.206.210:27019TheIsland49.4 ms2 / 20
4.ARK: Survival EvolvedArk Guardians,PVE Tribal, 20x Al...United States199.60.101.133:27016TheCenter62.6 ms5 / 30
5.ARK: Survival EvolvedDino Love Scorched Earth-S+-PvE-...United States108.61.114.8:21046ScorchedEarth51.9 ms35 / 35
6.ARK: Survival EvolvedZarzan Rising (PVE: 5x XP - (v25...United States24.4.164.18:27015TheCenter48.7 ms7 / 7
7.ARK: Survival EvolvedMytheRP - (v252.61)United States76.164.203.146:27055ScorchedEarth52.6 ms109 / 109
8.ARK: Survival EvolvedNerd Parade's PVP Server! - (v25...United States74.91.112.247:27015TheIsland84.3 ms52 / 60
9.ARK: Survival EvolvedMedics Open Community PvP Server...United States47.184.34.49:27018TheIsland61.2 ms24 / 25
10.ARK: Survival EvolvedMedics Community Ark Server 25xT...United States47.184.34.49:27015TheCenter71.2 ms23 / 25
11.ARK: Survival EvolvedDoinkDeDoink 3 Man Tribes/149xAL...United States173.11.111.14:27015TheIsland61.4 ms100 / 100
12.ARK: Survival EvolvedHouse of Pain-Annunaki Gen Max l...United States208.66.74.114:28445TheIsland48.0 ms26 / 30
13.ARK: Survival EvolvedPirates Cove/ACA+MODS/35XP/45T/2...United States69.162.117.214:27015TheCenter92.6 ms3 / 35
14.ARK: Survival Evolved[NA]PVP-ANNUNAKI-ORP-LVL2500+[ME...United States45.63.83.93:21011TheIsland48.2 ms19 / 30
15.ARK: Survival EvolvedSavage Inc 20x - Annunaki mod+ -...United States72.222.150.251:27015TheCenter90.7 ms2 / 20
16.ARK: Survival EvolvedHaven's Scorched Alive PvE -X50/...United States136.62.69.94:27080ScorchedEarth50.4 ms2 / 60
17.ARK: Survival Evolved11/21 ArkTopia Annunaki 80X 1000...United States45.35.87.40:7777TheCenter64.0 ms48 / 100
18.ARK: Survival EvolvedNEW ASGARD [PVE] 100T 15 EXP/G m...United States45.34.5.124:27016TheCenter58.3 ms28 / 40
19.ARK: Survival Evolved[ESP] X-PacK Server 20x All x10 ...Spain83.46.9.138:27015TheIsland206.1 ms31 / 80
20.ARK: Survival EvolvedARKServers.net533006ede5b - (v25...United States162.251.166.251:27056Valhalla49.2 ms7 / 15
21.ARK: Survival EvolvedLegends Of The Ark (PVE, 100x al...United States69.30.253.227:27016TheIsland62.2 ms27 / 35
22.ARK: Survival EvolvedAUS-ARK-StructuresPlus 5x All We...Australia103.62.50.1:22015TheIsland223.9 ms15 / 40
23.ARK: Survival WIPE 12/3 1000X 50G...United States160.202.166.11:22025ScorchedEarth54.5 ms21 / 40
24.ARK: Survival EvolvedLand Of Bork,PvE,10xAll - (v252....United States69.162.103.20:27015ScorchedEarth90.1 ms10 / 20
25.ARK: Survival EvolvedArkSliders 5xT4xG3xXP4xB Wiped 2...Australia45.121.209.57:22185TheCenter227.9 ms32 / 40

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