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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.America's Army: Proving GroundsU.S. Army Official The Great Out...United States208.77.218.62:27020FLO_RockyRoad_EX80.3 ms26 / 26
2.America's Army: Proving Grounds-=312th=- / Dallas I - INNER HOS...United States208.77.151.196:27020FLO_InnerHospital_...97.9 ms0 / 24
3.America's Army: Proving Grounds>>>> THE DROP OUTS &...Great Britain77.75.123.219:27020FLO_InnerHospital_...201.1 ms9 / 24
4.America's Army: Proving Grounds-ACI-{DH}=DIEHARD 24/7 BRIDGE AL...United States104.207.158.159:27020FLO_Bridge_EX49.2 ms0 / 24
5.America's Army: Proving Grounds[3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Re...United States208.77.151.217:27020BDX_Breach_EX97.6 ms0 / 12
6.America's Army: Proving Grounds[SL] Schwarzelegion 1 - Powered ...Germany109.235.63.46:27020BDX_Intercept_EX180.5 ms0 / 12
7.America's Army: Proving Grounds-ACI- [FILO]'s America's Army Pr...United States209.247.83.229:27020FLO_Downtown_EX49.9 ms0 / 24
8.America's Army: Proving Grounds-=312th=- / Dallas II FLO MAPS R...United States208.77.151.201:27020FLO_InnerHospital_...103.4 ms1 / 24
9.America's Army: Proving GroundsCategory5 Gaming 6v6United States108.61.109.146:27020BDX_SpringStreet_E...94.0 ms0 / 12
10.America's Army: Proving Grounds-=D3G=-SlaughterHouse1United States142.54.165.203:27020FLO_InnerHospital_...49.2 ms0 / 24
11.America's Army: Proving Grounds[CCB]Clan Of The Cave BearUnited States208.77.151.220:27020BDX_SpringStreet_V...95.2 ms0 / 12
12.America's Army: Proving Grounds-=D3G=-SlaughterHouse2United States142.54.165.204:27020FLO_InnerHospital_...49.2 ms0 / 24
13.America's Army: Proving GroundsRougarou AA2/AAPG MapsUnited States68.232.160.64:27020flo_watertreatment...92.8 ms0 / 24
14.America's Army: Proving Grounds=]LAD[= & [=SFS=] FunserverGermany109.235.63.53:27020FLO_Intercept_VIP198.3 ms0 / 24
15.America's Army: Proving Groundsc5. Scrim ServerUnited States108.61.109.40:27020BDX_Intercept_EX94.0 ms0 / 12 Password Protected
16.America's Army: Proving Grounds[DME] Deter Maneuver EngageUnited States74.208.90.74:27015FLO_HarborAssault_...97.2 ms0 / 24
17.America's Army: Proving Grounds-=312th=- Comp ServerUnited States208.77.151.205:27020BDX_Breach_EX97.7 ms0 / 12 Password Protected
18.America's Army: Proving GroundsAmerica's Army Proving Grounds S...United States108.61.235.132:27020FLO_BridgeNight_EX48.7 ms0 / 24
19.America's Army: Proving GroundsKAMO_BH Tulsa OKUnited States108.61.109.177:27020BDX_SpringStreet_E...96.1 ms0 / 12
20.America's Army: Proving Grounds|DISCIPLINED AGGRESSION|United States199.60.101.120:27020FLO_Downtown_EX70.7 ms0 / 24
21.America's Army: Proving Grounds||DISCIPLINED AGGRESSION||United States199.60.101.121:27020BDX_RedLine_C469.2 ms0 / 12
22.America's Army: Proving GroundsAmerica's Army Test ServerUnited States108.61.124.33:27020Initializing49.0 ms0 / 26
23.America's Army: Proving Grounds{W*I*B} Written In Blood Server....United States68.232.160.102:27020FLO_InnerHospital_...95.2 ms0 / 24
24.America's Army: Proving Grounds-=S|C|K=- Kill Zone- NO INNER- A...United States208.77.151.219:27020FLO_Checkout_EX101.7 ms0 / 24
25.America's Army: Proving GroundsAmerica's Army Test ServerUnited States107.191.252.226:27013Initializing95.4 ms0 / 26


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