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Team Fortress Classic

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Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress Classic on Steam
Current Price: $4.99
Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Team Fortress ClassicDrippy's 2fort: Seeing Green (an...United States108.61.53.186:270152fort110.8 ms6 / 27
2.Team Fortress Classic[] Terrum's Sniper Serv...France176.31.182.154:27013dub_snipe0.4 ms2 / 18
3.Team Fortress Classic-[EVIL]- Battlezone-XUnited States66.151.244.170:27015crossover248.6 ms9 / 32
4.Team Fortress ClassicTWISTED DUSTBOWL or VOTE! States67.222.138.13:27015dustbowl58.4 ms18 / 24
5.Team Fortress Classic-X- BotServer Bots vs HumansUnited States198.23.175.164:27015flagrun88.2 ms16 / 32
6.Team Fortress ClassicFUNTOWN Central! 300+ Maps w/ vo...United States108.61.119.170:27015sa_blockfort83.8 ms0 / 20
7.Team Fortress Classic-[EVIL]- Fun / AdventureUnited States74.201.57.37:27016esk_escape44.3 ms1 / 24
8.Team Fortress ClassicRoyston Vasey, in memory of Shir...Great Britain37.122.208.248:27015avanti171.9 ms8 / 20
9.Team Fortress Classic-[EVIL]- Low Grav -Get Your Floa...United States66.151.244.232:27015casbah44.3 ms5 / 20
10.Team Fortress ClimbGermany148.251.193.12:27015sw_mapvote_b2cw181.2 ms1 / 18
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