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Team Fortress Classic

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Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress Classic on Steam
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Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Team Fortress Classic-[EVIL]- Battlezone-XUnited States66.151.244.170:27015schtop49.5 ms14 / 32
2.Team Fortress ClassicDrippy's 2fort: Seeing Green (an...United States108.61.53.186:270152fort103.5 ms0 / 26
3.Team Fortress ClassicEmpyre*HOPE*'s Little ServerUnited States47.189.86.75:27015betrayed0.3 ms12 / 24
4.Team Fortress - [FM] Fun Serv...Great Britain37.122.208.248:27017fm_mapvote_test3178.1 ms0 / 18
5.Team Fortress Classic[] Terrum's Sniper Serv...France176.31.182.154:27013sniperange_beta20.1 ms6 / 18
6.Team Fortress ClassicFUNTOWN Central! 300+ Maps w/ vo...United States108.61.119.170:27015sa_blockfort84.1 ms1 / 20
7.Team Fortress ClassicInhouseUnited States72.5.102.169:27015concmap_r_r24.0 ms1 / 17 Password Protected
8.Team Fortress ClassicHogger's Lair -- 2fort or VoteUnited States68.232.163.223:270352fort58.2 ms14 / 20
9.Team Fortress ClassicChurch of Conc [BHOP | map vote]United States73.202.24.32:27015conc_fluffy46.4 ms2 / 20
10.Team Fortress ClassicGibGames Refugees TFC 2fort/well...United States209.247.83.59:27015well48.1 ms8 / 10
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