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Space Engineers
Space Engineers on Steam
Sale Price: $9.99
Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Space : Can't Cuck The...United States198.12.74.163:28015Gowdy42.5 ms2 / 2
2.Space Engineers[RU] Far Hope Sector ServerRussia5.129.241.5:27016FHS Server World243.7 ms0 / 24
3.Space EngineersEmbrace the lagUnited States136.32.174.178:27016Embrace the lag63.3 ms3 / 16
4.Space Engineers24/7 Dedicated Pirates-Darkness-...United States209.55.122.68:27017Freelancers PVEPVP67.6 ms6 / 16
5.Space EngineersHorizons PVP/PVEUnited States8.6.9.231:23010Horizons_Star_Syst...22.4 ms1 / 13
6.Space EngineersNibelheimUnited States173.232.3.243:27016Citrus41.5 ms0 / 4
7.Space EngineersSpartan's RP/PvP serverUnited States76.228.25.133:27016Multiplayer 1036.9 ms1 / 10
8.Space Engineers[QC-FR] Univers Azria 24/7Canada144.217.10.122:27016Univers Azria FR60.6 ms4 / 20
9.Space EngineersThe Pants PartyUnited States66.90.140.219:27016Power Overwhelming42.3 ms2 / 12
10.Space Engineers4 brosUnited States75.135.228.108:27016alone#267.1 ms0 / 25
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