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Space Engineers

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Space Engineers
Space Engineers on Steam
Current Price: $24.99
Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Space EngineersThe Nebulon ClusterUnited States47.156.27.19:27017OEN3 Star System36.3 ms0 / 12
2.Space EngineersEmbrace the lagUnited States136.32.174.178:27016Embrace the Lag II42.0 ms8 / 24
3.Space EngineersRP PvPvEUnited States64.94.95.122:29574-=[ Paradise Lost ...38.2 ms3 / 20
4.Space EngineersAtinxan GroupUnited States173.11.220.17:27016SiC 1x1x1 Hardcore...52.6 ms1 / 12
5.Space EngineersNow It's My TimeUnited States72.19.39.229:27016Por's38.3 ms0 / 4
6.Space EngineersOverkill IndustriesUnited States64.94.95.170:14471Survival Expo38.5 ms0 / 10
7.Space EngineersPrimes ServerUnited States192.154.229.28:29016GTXGaming48.3 ms0 / 16
8.Space EngineersThe Expanse nanites/modsUnited States69.162.115.11:29016The Expanse52.6 ms0 / 10
9.Space EngineersXaelan AllianceUnited States76.120.2.174:27016Hyperion System41.4 ms0 / 16
10.Space EngineersMaximus SE - Hosted by TRUgaming...United States50.56.42.60:27026Server World58.6 ms1 / 8
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