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ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam
Current Price: $29.99
Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.ARK: Survival EvolvedPhatArk Annunaki 20xAll PVE - (v...United States65.103.35.108:27045TheIsland75.8 ms17 / 25
2.ARK: Survival EvolvedFarrFromSobers Pooping Evolved P...United States162.251.166.253:27046Thieves49.2 ms3 / 15
3.ARK: Survival EvolvedARK 1ST Annunaki X100 [PVE] - (v...United States72.46.130.138:17616TheCenter48.5 ms51 / 51
4.ARK: Survival,Island,2X4...United States45.34.5.126:27076TheIsland89.2 ms32 / 50
5.ARK: Survival,Center,2X4...United States45.34.5.125:27026TheCenter86.4 ms56 / 56
6.ARK: Survival EvolvedTTVMistrfister Pugnacia The Isla...United States4.31.168.78:25002TheIsland48.2 ms9 / 20
7.ARK: Survival EvolvedSirgardensalotLMSTames ApexMam I...United States76.164.206.210:27019TheIsland46.3 ms10 / 20
8.ARK: Survival EvolvedArk Mexico Latino x10 All PVE y ...Mexico187.189.228.194:27016TheIsland99.2 ms44 / 50
9.ARK: Survival,Shigo,2X4G...United States45.34.5.125:27076ShigoIslands89.0 ms29 / 50
10.ARK: Survival EvolvedJugg-CentServ(PvE)(5xXP,10xH,25x...United States99.198.206.200:27015TheCenter94.1 ms7 / 10
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