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ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam
Current Price: $29.99
Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.ARK: Survival EvolvedARKICT 10xTaming/XP/Harvest PvPv...United States72.205.254.185:27015TheCenter107.1 ms28 / 28
2.ARK: Survival Evolved<<NA>> WIPED 12/12 P...United States45.35.95.17:27055TheIsland54.6 ms0 / 100
3.ARK: Survival EvolvedArkSliders 5xT4xG3xXP4xB Wiped 2...Australia45.121.209.57:22185TheIsland248.6 ms44 / 50
4.ARK: Survival EvolvedZarzan Rising (PVE: 5x XP - (v25...United States76.103.216.7:27015TheCenter55.6 ms11 / 11
5.ARK: Survival Evolvedgruevolcano - (v253.6)United States24.6.249.245:27018TheVolcano50.9 ms15 / 15
6.ARK: Survival EvolvedArk Pokemon - (v253.98)United States216.245.218.174:27015TheIsland92.7 ms17 / 17
7.ARK: Survival Evolved*FO* WIPED 1/8 Annunaki X50G X99...United States45.35.55.13:27765TheCenter48.7 ms99 / 100
8.ARK: Survival EvolvedLegends Of The Ark (PVPVE, 100x ...United States69.30.253.227:27016TheIsland73.5 ms33 / 35
9.ARK: Survival EvolvedKhanatePvE/30xALL/200Levels/Exti...United States104.192.227.155:27015TheIsland73.6 ms9 / 10
10.ARK: Survival EvolvedDarkAge PVE Wiped 12/21 Annunaki...United States104.149.238.243:27016TheIsland98.1 ms79 / 100
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