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Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades on Steam
Current Price: $14.99
Rank Server Name IP:PortMapPingPlayers
1.Ace of SpadesEurope LO53-4Great Britain217.163.53.73:27110dem_DragonIsland182.7 ms0 / 16
2.Ace of SpadesEurope LO26-13Great Britain217.163.53.46:27119zom_ArcticBase180.5 ms0 / 20
3.Ace of SpadesEurope LO16-13Great Britain217.163.53.36:27119zom_TheColosseum182.3 ms0 / 16
4.Ace of SpadesEurope LO25-9Great Britain217.163.53.45:27115tdm_SpookyMansion183.6 ms0 / 24
5.Ace of SpadesEurope FF7-1Great Britain62.67.0.10:27107oc_AncientEgypt212.0 ms0 / 24
6.Ace of SpadesUS East MI5-1United States8.26.16.8:27107dem_DragonIsland120.3 ms0 / 24
7.Ace of SpadesEurope LO24-2Great Britain217.163.53.44:27108ctf_Trenches180.8 ms0 / 32
8.Ace of SpadesEurope LO25-5Great Britain217.163.53.45:27111dia_GreatWall181.4 ms0 / 16
9.Ace of SpadesEurope FF7-9Great Britain62.67.0.10:27115tdm_TheColosseum200.9 ms0 / 24
10.Ace of SpadesEurope LO24-1Great Britain217.163.53.44:27107dia_TheColosseum181.1 ms0 / 24
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