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by mortalites10:51:11 AM 12/30/16
moc.Gaming | de_office |

moc.Gaming is community that was created in CSCZ. We are making a fresh start on CSGO and looking for players who want to relax, hangout and have fun on a casual server. We are also looking for some possible admins and moderators who can help build up the player base on the server.    Feel free to add me on steam if anyone is interested.

Well here is the server.

moc.Gaming | de_office | Community CSGO Server

Map: de_office

Come experience a unique twist for cs_office. Same great map but spawn points have been switched, hostages are gone and Terrorists now plant the bomb inside the o
ffice complex

Server Features:
Piss and Teabag your victims
Player Bounty
Team Bets
1v1 Knifefight
Nade Tails
Quake Sounds
GameMe Stats

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