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The Sanctuary UK Servers [S-UK] 
by [S-UK] Electric Warrior03:58:12 AM 07/25/16
The Sanctuary UK have four Halflife 2 Deathmatch servers at the following addresses: The Sanctuary UK 1 - Custom Maps The Sanctuary UK 2 - Castle, Forgotten & Roman Fun (Big Maps) The Sanctuary UK 3 - Killbox & More - No Sanctuary (No Rules) The Sanctuary UK 4 - DarkSpoonTin (Normal Play)

Come and join us for some fun play on anyone of these servers.    Any map with sanctuary in the title is one of our own custom made maps, but there are also plenty of other makers custom maps too.    Server 4 as well as some nice custom maps has all of the original HL2DM maps too.

All the servers have bots when there are no live players in, but they leave as soon as the real human players join, so even if on your own you have opponents to practice against.

Look forward to seeing you in game!

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