Game Server Directory
Argentina Argentina47 servers
Australia Australia648 servers
Austria Austria8 servers
Bangladesh Bangladesh1 server
Belarus Belarus2 servers
Belgium Belgium14 servers
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina1 server
Brazil Brazil38 servers
Bulgaria Bulgaria86 servers
Canada Canada896 servers
Chile Chile27 servers
China China98 servers
Croatia Croatia4 servers
Czech Republic Czech Republic262 servers
Denmark Denmark3 servers
Estonia Estonia11 servers
Finland Finland9 servers
France France1,020 servers
Germany Germany1,506 servers
Great Britain Great Britain694 servers
Greece Greece4 servers
Hong Kong Hong Kong62 servers
Hungary Hungary48 servers
Iceland Iceland1 server
India India36 servers
Iran Iran1 server
Ireland Ireland2 servers
Israel Israel1 server
Italy Italy34 servers
Japan Japan60 servers
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan2 servers
Kuwait Kuwait1 server
Latvia Latvia26 servers
Lithuania Lithuania172 servers
Luxembourg Luxembourg2,630 servers
Mexico Mexico760 servers
Moldova Moldova4 servers
Mongolia Mongolia19 servers
Netherlands Netherlands146 servers
New Zealand New Zealand34 servers
Norway Norway9 servers
Pakistan Pakistan2 servers
Peru Peru3 servers
Philippines Philippines1 server
Poland Poland653 servers
Portugal Portugal21 servers
Reunion Reunion3 servers
Romania Romania187 servers
Russia Russia1,379 servers
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia2 servers
Serbia Serbia63 servers
Singapore Singapore582 servers
Slovakia Slovakia28 servers
South Africa South Africa42 servers
South Korea South Korea22 servers
Spain Spain80 servers
Sweden Sweden420 servers
Switzerland Switzerland13 servers
Taiwan Taiwan8 servers
Thailand Thailand8 servers
Turkey Turkey40 servers
Ukraine Ukraine229 servers
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates231 servers
United States United States38,304 servers
Uruguay Uruguay18 servers
Venezuela Venezuela1 server
Vietnam Vietnam1 server
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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